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Heal the world through coaching and ethical marketing

Overcome Visibility Fears: Be Yourself and Attract Your Ideal Clients with Visibility Coaching

No matter how great your services are, you can’t build a profitable business without getting the word out there. If marketing and sales seem scary, I’ve got you!

Visibility is only exhausting when we try to be someone else:

  • copy another coach or use their “recipe for success”, so we limit our authenticity
  • think that marketing should be done in a certain way, so we limit our creativity
  • use strategies and tactics even if they feels icky, so we compromise our integrity

Instead, I’ll help you discover and embrace your authentic voice, develop your mindset and confidence, and create a strong online presence that attracts your ideal clients.

Noemi’s gifts and talents are many, however within the course of Brand2Launch, what she offers is a multi-layered approach, that guides you through three levels. Business strategy, Mindset and Therapy. Some of the course is becoming acquainted with logistics, business models and finding your own Framework. Month by month, by asking you deep questions, offering a variety of tests, and setting you homework so you can reflect and dig deeper, you uncover a path through the fog of doubt and confusion and begin to see a clearing and the rays of clarity. Noemi helps you unpick, unpack & unravel the very things that are blocking your goals and are acting as obstacles.

By helping you to improve or even change your mindset, using a variety of tools and techniques, which include  hypnotherapy, things shifted from possible to doable. Noemi has a Midas touch when in Therapy, sweeping away the old and bringing in the new with a profound depth of healing and Transformation which is second to none.
A favourite mantra of Noemi’s is ” make it easy for yourself and keep it simple”. This made the work fun, easy and refreshing – no falling into endless rabbit-holes here, and this actually helps enormously in gaining clarity and confidence, helping to develop a business framework that genuinely reflects who you are and what you offer.
This is priceless! Boy oh boy I can absolutely recommend Noemi to help you in so many ways to becoming the person you always dreamed of. Oh yes I love her and her amazing work. Give her a call – and I reckon you will too.
Katherine, U.K.


I’m a visibility coach for the quirky, multi-passionate coaches and healers, who’ve been mislabelled as “too much”.

I used to fling from “not enough” to “too much” most of my life. There was trauma… lots of it!

There was also a sense of “what the heck am I doing here?” and “purpose, what purpose?”

So I went into hiding, for close to four decades. But no more! And that’s how I serve: a mixture of therapy, coaching, strategy, and of course a good dose of humour so that you can do what you do with confidence and authenticity. 

Welcome to Teatime - my blog

Overcome the fear of visibility as a new coach by harnessing embodiment and mindset. This guide explores conscious embodiment and mindset change, offering practical steps towards self-leadership, trait change, and embracing discomfort. Embark on your coaching journey with confidence and transform your fear into an opportunity for growth and impact.

Discover the transformative power of subconscious work and embodiment in overcoming social anxiety. Embrace your fears, embody your truth, and step into the limelight as a confident coach.

Embodied confidence is crucial for new coaches and healers. By combining mindset work, subconscious work, and embodiment, you'll cultivate self-assurance and presence. Embrace the learning curve, maintain social awareness, and find balance in your voice and tone to unlock better opportunities and life satisfaction.

H.E.A.L. & G.R.O.W.

This is my framework and the guiding principles I use in my work.


We’ll use these principles & tools to make you feel safe and strong.

Homecoming & Embodiment focuses on the body and the embodied emotions. We look at your relationship with your body, how you perceive yourself and your ability to listen to the signals your body gives you. The emotions become your best friends and act as an inner compass.

Once you feel confident at this level, we move on to Acceptance & Love: both self-acceptance, self-love, and the acceptance & love of others, of circumstances. Instead of fighting it, or looking at the world as a threatening place, you perceive it as a terrain you can navigate successfully with the resilience you build up and the growth mindset you embrace. 

These steps are fundamental if you want to thrive in life. Being on guard, unable to listen to your intuitions, being afraid of emotions, not loving or accepting yourself and life are keeping you back, which you can change. I invite you to swap it with a life of compassion, love and resilience inherent in you.


G.R.O.W. is designed to successfully engage in your path of self-actualisation. 

In Grounding, we focus on grounding you in your values that are linked to your purpose or ikigai. Giving you certainty and passion, that unblocks you and carries you forward.

Resilience helps you understand that the world is unpredictable, often dangerous, challenging, but having anchored yourself in your values and your passion, in who you really are, you are powerful enough to walk any terrain. You will use the challenges to improve your skills, to become even better and stronger.

Your Objective also anchors you and your projects. We focus on your vision & on the steps you need to take to make it into reality. 

Wisdom is the domain of self-transcendence, a deeper connection with your environment, others, the world around you. We look at ways you can contribute, how you can give back. This stage also contains awe, flow, and moments of truly being present. 



Noemi, truly handed me the Magic Wand for what I needed. She helped me to not only see and understand causes and reasons of things, but also made me feel better overall about me. 

She made me look inside and Understand, until I genuinely got it. I appreciate that more than words can express. 

She was so patient with me, and it felt like I was safe to just be myself and open up. I have to say, that’s always been a very difficult thing for me. I believe with all of my being that I was guided to her, and I feel like this is definitely a path that she was meant to follow, as she has a gift. 

I would 100% recommend her, and I’m happy for all of the others that will be lucky enough to find her too.

Marlena, USA