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achieve your full potential

The term self-actualisation goes back to the psychiatrist Kurt Goldstein, who believed that every organism had the need to fulfil itself at every moment and under every circumstance. He didn’t see self-fulfilment as a goal one seeks to achieve in the future, but something present in every breath. Maslow developed this concept further and applied […]

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Yesterday, as I was walking home, I spotted a garden overflowing with these humble grape hyacinths (picture below). I stopped to savour the moment. They reminded me of the garden in front of my childhood home in rural Romania. Happy memories of the time spent hunting snakes and bugs there flooded my mind. I took

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Being there

Belonging to a community comes with many blessings. One that I especially treasure is the safe space where emotional difficulties can be shared openly and vulnerably. The transformation the individual and the group undergoes transcends what we experience on our own. Recently, I witnessed someone express their feelings in such a group. I felt strongly

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Discover the calm

Jon Kabat-Zinn says that the practice of meditation is an invitation to embody your humanity any time you want to, and you do it with the breath you take. Paying attention to your breathing as you go about your day, allows you to be present in your life rather than to be stuck in the

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It’s OK to feel sad

Happy Saturday my friends, Yesterday, I felt sad – and for no apparent reason. Trying to escape the discomfort I started to create stories about the reason I might be feeling it. I analysed, rationalised, and put myself in an ugly mood in the process. Reasons scudded thought my mind like countless windswept clouds, and

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