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“Love is a vessel that contains both security and adventure, and commitment offers one of the great luxuries of life: time.”

Esther Perel

I like to have friends around for tea & a chat. Make yourself comfortable, grab a mug of tea and read on.

Exploitation happens when one individual is taken for granted, they are expected to do more than their partner, and might even be …

Loneliness negatively impacts your mental and physical well-being, even more so if you experience it in your marriage. There are ways to either avoid that result or to find your way back to a loving relationship.

Trauma and attachment in love

Trauma can hold you stuck in anxiety, fear, and relationship cycles that are unsatisfying and lacking in vitality at best, abusive at worst. By working at the subconscious level, you can heal those trauma wounds and create new patterns.

We can distinguish between five major types of infidelity: romantic, conflicted romantic, opportunistic, commemorative, and obligatory. The article looks at each one of them.

Singles who have done therapy, coaching, and are just hitting the dating scene again are most likely looking for a man with …

Enmeshment might provide a sense of stability in your relationship and a clear role you have, but it cost you your autonomy and a thriving relationship. Here is how you can make sense of it and change it.