Conquering the Fear of Visibility: A Comprehensive Guide for New Coaches to Leverage Embodiment and Mindset

Overcome the fear of visibility as a new coach by harnessing embodiment and mindset. This guide explores conscious embodiment and mindset change, offering practical steps towards self-leadership, trait change, and embracing discomfort. Embark on your coaching journey with confidence and transform your fear into an opportunity for growth and impact.

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5 Simple Steps to an Entrepreneurial Mindset (Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelm)

There’s a distinct difference between the way entrepreneurs and employees approach work, setbacks, and the ever amounting challenges life throws at them. Employees tend to do what they are asked to and like to feel safe in their environment. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, love a good challenge, they’re constantly in the lookout for ways to grow and optimise their processes, and thrive even in uncertain times. They own their decisions and taking a significant risk doesn’t hold them back. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Read on to find out.