Confidently You,
In Business & Life

You know that success is waiting for you.

If you already know what success looks like, the next step is about making it happen. If you have yet to choose what direction to take, the first step is about achieving clarity. 

Either way, you’ve already decided you’re ready to grow, to live life to the full, and to invest in yourself and your future.

You want the future you to be your best you, with personal and professional lives that aren’t just “balanced”, they’re poised – perfectly expressing your authentic being as someone who takes care of all their emotional, spiritual and financial needs, and who wants to be in a position to do the same for those you care about.

If you want an integrated life, you want the integrated strength of the Personal Excellence Program and the individual, personalised, emotional, mindset and action accelerators that it contains.

Who said you can’t have it all? Who says you have to settle for less when you know in your heart that you deserve to thrive? And if you’re ready to thrive, you’re ready for the Personal Excellence Program because it’s designed to build on the strength of your commitment to your dreams so that you can choose to have:

  • As much time with your loved ones as you want
  • A healthy mind in a healthy body
  • Confidence in your personal qualities and abilities
  • Lifelong growth
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Security and safety
  • Financial abundance

If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning. 

Mahatma Gandhi

Personal Excellence =
Emotional excellence + mindset excellence + Action excellence

What holds us back – holds us down – is the unique set of challenges we acquire on the road to becoming our true selves. 

Achieving Personal Excellence involves acknowledging who we are, but without judgement. We don’t choose to feel vulnerable, inadequate or anxious, or any one of a million other negatives, but our experiences leave their marks, so in everything we do to achieve emotional, mindset and action excellence we first heal – then grow. 

In this way, your future self will be greater than the sum of its parts – not limited by the least of them.

You can flourish. You will flourish!

Excellence is the key to becoming who you want to be. If there’s a secret to success, it’s about nurturing the three key aspects of who you are, which determine what you achieve, using what you know, because of what matters to you: action, mindset and emotional excellence. Understanding each of them is step 1. Practising them is step 2. Maintaining them all is step 3. Leave out any one and you are at a disadvantage. Nurture them all and you are ready to stand with the best.

So, why is it key?


When we are not emotionally excellent, we are easily thrown off our game. Do you secretly worry that you’re not good enough, that you don’t belong, that leaders are born not made? These are just some of the emotional barriers that the Emotional Excellence Accelerator is designed to help you overcome.


And what about your mindset? Are you afraid you don’t know what you’re doing, that you can’t learn enough, fast enough to achieve your goals? The Mindset Excellence Accelerator is here to equip you with a new sense of self – with an open-minded hunger for what works and a grounded sense of can-do. Essential ingredients for success in any enterprise.


With these two in place you are confident and creative – but are you in control? The Action Excellence Accelerator aims to ensure that you can deliver your vision by making sure that you have a sound strategy – that you know how to avoid all the obstacles to doing the right things efficiently and effectively, so you can act and lead with confidence.

Personal Excellence Program

Emotional Excellence is about making sure your emotions work for you, not against you – putting you in charge of your life by making sure they don’t overwhelm you. It’s an approach to creating a virtuous circle, developing positive responses to challenging situations so you are always ready to reap the success you deserve. 

This is also trauma-oriented work where we focus on regulating your nervous system so that calm becomes the norm, replacing prolonged toxic stress and fear-driven attitudes with a sense of safety in your body and life.

At its core, achieving Mindset Excellence is about achieving clarity so that your ideas and beliefs can change naturally. You can’t choose to believe something new, but you can challenge your existing ideas and let those that no longer work for you fall away, creating space for new ideas discovered by the explorer mind.

The Action Excellence Accelerator will ensure that you swap busy-ness with productivity in everything you do. The focus is on getting the most out of your life, your business, your relationships without breaking the bank in terms of effort, finance, energy or well-being. Together we’ll find out how to shift the balance from doing to achieving.

In the course of completing the accelerators you will:


  Identify and uproot blocking emotional issues
♥  Learn to centre when triggered
♥  Establish a safer, stronger emotional core


♥  Unlearn the fear of the unknown and learn the power of exploration
♥  Discover how to self-mentor when facing new strategic challenges
♥  Exploit new-found clarity of thought to transform threats into opportunities


♥  Learn how to recognise and avoid unproductive effort
♥  Become more efficient and effective in all that you do

What is included

The Personal Excellence Program includes the initial Personal Excellence Inventory, all Personal Excellence Accelerators, personalised coaching sessions, and personalised Excellence Reinforcement Audio Guides for each completed stage, that will reflect your discoveries and priorities from each accelerator.


Personal Excellence Inventory

   An in-depth, expertly guided exploration of you, your vision and your priorities for healing and growth

♥   Surfacing the unconscious issues that stand invisibly between you and your goal

   Set the direction and personalised goals for the rest of your customised program


Emotional Excellence Accelerator

   Identify and remove emotional obstacles

♥   Establish emotional resilience and positivity


Mindset Excellence Accelerator

   Find and challenge unproductive ideas and beliefs

♥   Discover clarity and creativity


Action Excellence Accelerator

   Learn how to focus on what works

♥   Plan and execute your personal strategy for success


Transformational Excellence Coaching

   Two coaching sessions every month where we’ll use different modalities to support your growth process

   To consolidate and sustain your progress towards achieving the personal excellence that underpins your success


Excellence reinforcing audio guides

   3x hypnosis audio guides – one for each accelerator – that smooth the path to changing your mindset and language by aligning your unconscious to your conscious goals


Online support throughout

   You’ll be able to contact me throughout the 3 months with any questions that come up. 

The excellence accelerator program is for you if You:

   Want to take your personal and professional lives to the next level and are willing to make the investment and commitment

   Want the strength in depth offered by the package of the 3 excellence accelerators

   Are committed to living to the full and realising your potential

   Don’t want to waste time discovering for yourself what is available for the taking

   Know that you can only become a success and a leader by succeeding and leading, not pretending

   You embrace change.

Noemi understood what I needed to hear in order to start believing that I too, am capable of success.

The great thing is I have already started to see these shifts happening after a few weeks. 

I am being much more consistent and feel from the inside out that things are working out for me and success is inevitable for me.

Anna, Greece

Just imagine that in 3 months' time you:

   Feel that things are working out for you and that success is inevitable for you

   Are earning more money and creating more abundance in all aspects of your life

   Attract more clients because you feel more at ease in your personal and professional life

   Have the resilience to deal with whatever comes your way because you’ve learned to trust yourself

   Embody the entrepreneurial spirit characterised by curiousity, exploration and focus on possibilities 

   See mistakes as the stepping stone of progress – opportunities to learn – not pitfalls of failure

   Are in touch with your strengths and take new confidence from them

   Know your worth and defend your boundaries

   Are confidently executing the strategy that will realise your vision

Within 2 days of my session I had created healthy boundaries in my business, I no longer felt compelled to reply to messages at 10pm at night. I’ve freed up time for myself, and I no longer feel guilty about taking time off to look after myself! 

In the first few days after my session my level of enquires increased and I doubled my income on the previous month!

Juliette, U.K.

Your investment





∗  Installment to be paid in full before each accelerator begins. 

My session with Noemi, and the personalised recording I listened to following our session, has had a profoundly positive effect on my life. She helped me understand how events of my past were blocking myself to grow and to achieve my goals.

Many other memories came out at the week after our session that helped me to understand the root cause of my insecure feelings.  

I’ve felt released from past lack of confidence and “not enough” feelings since then.  I also have been able to do my visualisation much more often and clear. 

I’m feeling more empowered than ever before. Thanks Noemi!

Giovana, New Zealand