Confidently Visible

What if you could show up on social media (SM) and on video as your authentic self every day... and enjoy every minute of it?

Confidently Visible is the ultimate solution for you as a coach or healer to learn what is holding you back, delivering a space where you can process unresolved emotions, and build a mindset that will serve and support you  so that you are at ease showing up on SM and video as your authentic self.

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Become Confidently Visible


“…allowed me to have more confidence in myself” 


“I feel there has been a major breakthrough…” 



“I feel deeply understood and … empowered”


“she allowed me to get the confidence I was looking for!”

Your Ideal Clients are Waiting for you,
but you need to show up for them

Whether you’re just starting out or are transitioning from bricks and mortar to the online world and feeling a bit uncertain about public visibility, here’s the truth:

The best way to build trust with your audience is through video  that is how they get a sense of who you are and your energy. 

But if you don’t enjoy the process, it will be obvious and it can limit sales. And in the worst case you won’t even do it at all and your sales will suffer even more.

If you don’t show up, you’re missing out on connecting with your audience, and ultimately, not serving them the way you want to.

By the end of this mini-program, you will...

Self-sabotaging thoughts

you’ll be empowered to replace them so that you’re free to respond confidently on the fly

Be in control of what you're doing

you’ll have the freedom to choose what works best for you and build trust in your new practices.

Feel excited about sM & video work

and do it consistently, without second guessing yourself or how you are perceived. 

She was able to bring out some stuff that I had no idea was there. It felt like a breakthrough… I feel a great relief and lightness, and a big impact.

Julia, entrepreneur

Confidently Visible
will set you on a path of abundance. 

You’ll experience abundance on every level: emotional, mindset, and financial.

Because when you’re confident in yourself and your abilities, you’ll show up on social media and video as your authentic self. 

Your ideal clients will sense that you’re genuine, see you as authority in your field, and recognise the value you’re offering.

I came to see Noemi for help with a fear of social media. I know it sounds dramatic, but I hated using social media, and this was having a huge impact on marketing my business.

Noemi was encouraging and reassuring throughout the session. She took the time to really understand what I wanted to work on, and took me back to memories that helped me understand why I felt vulnerable being seen on social media.

As Noemi says, ‘understanding is power’ and once she had helped me understand where my beliefs came from, we were able to release them.

At the end of the session, Noemi gave me a personalised recording which included everything I needed to hear to ensure the transformation in the session was permanent. Noemi explained that the mind learns by repetition and I needed to listen to my recording as often as possible, and at least once a day.

I love listening to my recording so it hasn’t been a problem finding the time. I especially love the impact the session and recording has had on my life. I am happily building a social media following and enjoying using social media in both my professional and personal life.

I am free from any feelings of vulnerability or being judged both online and in person. I cannot recommend Noemi enough! She is an incredible therapist.

If anything in your life isn’t exactly how you want it to be, contact Noemi! She’ll definitely be able to help.

Maria, RTT Therapist

If there were a way to make videos, be interviewed, and be active on SM without all the stress, fear, and self-doubt...

… wouldn’t you make these activities your number one priority?

Confidently Visible will transform your experience



£ 700

After the session, I now actually look forward to talking to people about what I do, with the unshakable confidence I was looking for. 

Noémi was exactly the person I needed, as I tend to analyse every information I get before accepting it. She was able to tackle my doubts, and show me that my thought process was biased. Most importantly, she allowed me to get the confidence I was looking for!

Ines, Business & Mindset Coach

What's included in
Confidently Visible

Intake Form

You tell me what you need so that I can plan how to support you.

This is the time for you to be honest and open about how you feel and what you think about public visibility.

Tell me about your experiences of confidence and visibility and take the opportunity to gain some clarity for yourself .


Hypnotherapy Session

Two-hour long deeply transformative, ground-breaking therapy session.

You’ll gain an understanding of what holds you back and undermines your confidence. 

You’ll transform your perception so that your past experience of public visibility no longer affects you negatively.

Hypnosis Recording

The affirmations & visualisations will make you believe in yourself.

It will reinforce what you learned from the hypnosis session in trance, working directly on your subconscious mind.

Whenever self-doubt crops up, you can return to the recording and empower yourself with highly positive thoughts. 


Mindset & Strategy Coaching

Two 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions, delivered over Zoom

We’ll talk about and release any self-doubt that resurfaces as you’re doing the exercises.

We’ll discuss what strategies work best for you and how to optimise your time management to get the most out of your work.


3-week journaling and action prompts to track your progress.

These practices will further boost your confidence, as you focus on your strengths and how to embody them in your business.

It will encourage you to challenge yourself and apply what you’ve learned thorough specific social media and video exercises. 


The pieces of the puzzle came together almost effortlessly under her expert guidance. It will be easy and beautiful now to start over, with a fresh new understanding of my previous limitations. 

Because of this session I got the clarity that I have been wanting for, and that enables me now to go forward with confidence. I feel deeply understood and simultaneously empowered by Noemi. 

Claudia, Holistic Healthcare Consultant
Are you Ready to become Confidently Visible
As your Authentic Self?

Are you ready to Become a magnet to your ideal clients?



£ 700

Your Questions Answered

You don’t need months of therapy to get to the root cause of what holds you back from being seen. Hypnosis reveals the feelings and memories behind your fears within minutes.

It is also a state where you can process them and replace them with a positive outlook and action-oriented attitude. 

It benefits your business by benefiting you — and you’re the greatest asset of your business.

Everybody who wants to be hypnotised can be hypnotised. 

Whilst some people go into hypnosis more easily, everyone can benefit from trance and hypnotherapy. It is not a question of depth of hypnosis as much as the willingness to change. 

This hybrid-hypnosis technique is an extremely targeted and solution-oriented approach. 

People typically find transformation after one session, if they follow up by listening to the hypnosis recording for the next 3-4 weeks. (You’ll be encouraged to do this in the workbook.)

However, if there is a significant history of trauma and numerous issues hold you back, additional sessions may be beneficial.

Get in touch to book multiple sessions. Buy three at a time and get a 15-minute EFT tapping session worth $40.

It is a state of mind similar to meditation in which your body is extremely relaxed, but your thoughts are highly focussed and you’re immersed in the emotions and memories that come up.

It is a natural phenomenon that we often experience when we’re engrossed in a movie or a book. 

You need to see, hear, and value yourself to become confident. 

Confidence is the prize you get for working on your self-worth, self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-love. These are the foundations to trusting yourself deeply as a person and entrepreneur.

You don’t need hypnotherapy per se, but it is of of the fastest and most transformative way to build unshakable confidence that unites self-esteem (trust in yourself as a person) and self-efficacy (trust in your professional abilities and skills).

Because we can live unaware of traumas that are impacting our lives it’s important to benefit from the services of someone who is trauma-informed who understands what trauma is and knows how it can be addressed.

Trauma is anything bad that affects us long after the event. It can be physical injury or emotional suffering. And, unfortunately, we can become accustomed to the effects of trauma and learn to live with it – to the extent that we may no longer even be conscious of it, or clearly recall the events that caused it – perhaps long ago in childhood.

But because it affects us long after the event, it may be the hidden cause of many difficulties that we cannot easily explain to ourselves, such as why we are overanxious in certain situations, lacking confidence, unwilling or unable to stand up for ourselves – or generally unable to be who we want to be.

As long as traumatic root causes go unrecognised working on mindset and strategies alone cannot help. You need trauma-oriented work that will first help you feel safe – then you can move on to mindset and action.

It helps enormously in dealing with traumas to work with someone who has relevant and personal experience, and that is why I emphasize that I’m trauma informed.

I feel there has been a major breakthrough and a releasing – I can’t thank you enough, I feel very different, as if there is something new for me now.

You have a beautiful, lilting voice that is very soothing and hypnotic to listen to and this helped greatly in helping me to deeply relax. I liked some of your own techniques too, this made the session seem fresh and original and unique for me on a personal level.

Katherine, Smoke Cessation Therapist
You couldn't yesterday,

But you can Show Up today!

Before you can show up for your ideal clients, you need to take care of yourself. Processing your emotions and understanding your patterns will change every aspect of your life. You have phenomenal potential, and together we can transform it into your personal power.

People are turning online for help and support. You need to be visible on social media and video so that they can find you, connect with you, and ultimately, become your paying clients. 

This is the perfect time to invest in yourself and a life of abundance. 


Noémi, your trauma-informed confidence coach & business mentor

I want to become
Confidently Visible


£ 700