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Overcome Dental Anxiety


Overcome dental anxiety solo

The package (21-day mini package) for addressing one specific dental fear.



overcome dental anxiety complex

This is recommended if you have several dental fears. It includes three hypnotherapy sessions.



dental anxiety emergency sessions

Call us to inquire about last-minute sessions and to book them immediately.


Going to the dentist without ANxiety


…Being able to laugh and smile with confidence and without worrying about your teeth.

….Being in charge of your dental hygiene: taking care of your teeth and gums by being able to have regular checkups.

Feels great, doesn’t it?

Let me tell you how we can make it happen. Faster than you think!

No more missed appointment fees, no more agonizing delays, no more sick at the thought of the sound of the drill!

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Why our approach is different

This clinical hypnotherapy tackles the causes of your dental anxiety, rather than simply boosting your courage to endure or overcome the symptoms.

Many approaches only address the symptoms, which is why they are less effective or their impact is short lived. Hypnotherapy allows us to go straight to the cause of your fears and once that is eliminated, the fear subsides.

How does it work?

Hypnosis isn’t mind control, it’s managed, meditative relaxation that puts you back in the driving seat.

And it can be done online in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Once you’re relaxed, I’ll help you uncover and transform the experiences and emotions that cause your dental anxiety. Approach your next dental visit with calm and confidence!

Dental anxiety related

From terrified to calm and confident

My client Nicola (not her real name) changed everything in just one session. She found me just a few hours before her dental appointment. She was distressed because she felt terrified of both the procedure and hearing the diagnosis.

After two hours with me, she went to the dentist feeling calm and confident. Both Nicola and her husband were surprised at how things had changed and her hygienist couldn’t believe that she had been an anxious patient.

Not sure whether it's for you?

Take the Dental Anxiety Inventory at the end.

I was terrified of going to the dentist and had a session with Noemi just a few hours before my appointment... it has been the most effective hypnosis session I have had... with immediate results. I was able to go through the appointment with calm and confidence in spite of a rude/insensitive dentist.

My hubby was very impressed how I remained calm and the hygienist mentioned that I did not seem like an anxious patient. I strongly recommend Noemi. She is open hearted and has a 'no-nonsense approach.

This is what the package contains

  • We start with a 20-min virtual discovery call, where we talk about your concerns and experiences
  • Next, I’ll send you an Intake Form to give me an overall view of the situation
  • The virtual hypnotherapy session lasts between two and two and a half hours, accessed from the comfort of your home while lying down. This is when we’ll explore the cause of the anxiety and transform it
  • Finally, I’ll send you a bespoke hypnosis recording to solidify everything you’ve learned during the session
  • You have 21-day email/voicemail access to me after the session for further support
  • We’ll catch up for 20 minutes to discuss your progress within the 21 days 


“Every tooth… is more valuable than a diamond.”

Miguel de cervantes

Take a piece of paper and jot down the number that describes a symptom you strongly agree with and usually experience. 

If several of these apply to you, I recommend that you choose the Overcome Dental Anxiety Complex package. 

When we work on dental anxiety, we also work on other parts of your life. My experience is that by alleviating (and in some cases entirely eliminating) this issue, you’ll find that other areas of your life will also improve. 

  1. I’m afraid to go to the dentist, so I postpone check-ups and treatment
  2. I’m embarrassed about neglecting my teeth and gums, and I’m afraid that I’ll have to undergo more complex and expensive treatment
  3. I’m worried that the anaesthetic will have side effects or won’t work
  4. Thinking about injections makes my heart race
  5. I put up with toothache and other dental issues for far too long
  6. Bad childhood experiences (outdated dental practices) make avoid anything to do with dental care
  7. Having fingers and instruments in my mouth feels like an invasion of my body
  8. The sights, sounds and smells of dentistry make me panic
  9. I’m petrified by the dental chair
  10. As soon as I make an appointment, I feel stressed and worry about what could go wrong
  11. I feel faint at the dental surgery
  12. My distress sometimes comes out as humour or aggression — then I feel even more helpless because nobody knows how I really feel
  13. When I miss a dental appointment, I end up wasting money by paying twice
  14. I’m so self-conscious about my teeth I can’t develop professional relationships, so I miss out on things like promotions
  15. My teeth make me feel unattractive which creates problems with personal relationships
  16. I have nightmares before a dental appointment
  17. I can’t go to the dentist on my own