Frequently Asked Questions

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It is a mental state similar to REM sleep, in which your attention is hyper focussed, while your body is deeply relaxed. 

You’re more open to suggestions, but only the ones that are are aligned with your values.

You’re also immersed in images and sensations to a greater extent than when you’re just accessing memories cognitively, which is why hypnosis is such a powerful vehicle for therapy.

If you want to be hypnotised, you will be.

Absolutely! You’ll be conscious and in control the whole time. You’ll only do and say things that you would otherwise as well.

The only difference is that you can access memories and feelings more readily, which is why the transformation can take place so rapidly.

It is a state in which you’re conscious, but feel relaxed and are open to ideas that transform your life for the better.

Every person and every issue is different.

You’ll notice changes after the session and after listening to the hypnosis recording for 3 weeks.

Changes can happen in three ways:

1. Instantly: you’ll feel the shifts and changes during the session.

2. Incrementally as you listen to the recording and we continue to work together

3. Retrospectively: you’ll notice after a while that you no longer react to things in the way you used to, and you feel more resilient and more in control of your life.

Hypnotherapy is hyper focussed. Which is why my clients often opt for further work with me on other aspects of their lives.

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The therapy part facilitates healing at the emotional level and changing your mindset. 

Coaching is forward-looking, helps you clarify where you want to be and create a roadmap that is aligned with your values and strengths to get there. 

Choosing LBC Dou or Plus will give you a more holistic experience, whereas LBC Solo is best when you integrate it into your existing healing and growing journey.

Coaching is all about clarifying what you want and how to get there. 

It focuses on growing your potential and bringing the most out of your life. It also realigns you with your purpose and your strengths.

Here, we talk less about the past, we orient ourselves toward the future.

It is entirely up to you to decide how best we spend our time together. We can use the coaching part for therapy as well. 

I can help you address your self-doubts and emotional traumas of the past through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and embodied practices.

I use my Three Excellences Framework™ in everything I do. When I see that you need more support at the emotional level, we address that before moving on to working on the future. 

The effort you put into this work will show in the results. 

We can rely entirely on the work we do together, which will allow you to create shifts in your life, but doing the exercises and listening to the hypnosis recording will accelerate your progress,

My clients gained greater clarity, more resilience, a sense of personal power, and we created a roadmap together.

The most fundamental change will be at the emotional level. You’ll be more in control of your responses and your choices. You’ll feel more powerful and start to perceive more options. 

You’ll move from coping to thriving.