The success of your business and your career as a new coach or healer depends on your visibility: whether you’re visible or not, how, and where. These guides and supporting materials will help take those first essential steps with confidence and authenticity!


Life Beyond coping

Managing stress better will not only motivate you become more visible, it will improve the the way you’re perceived as well. 


Confidence without heels

Confidence and social-leadership are what draw your ideal clients to you and keeps them learning with you and from you.


Confidently visible

Smashing visibility fears is your first step for showing up in your business and to get those first clients through the door.

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Overcome Your Visibility Fears E-Book

This is a step-by-step guide for new coaches and therapists just like you to conquer visibility fears.

I walk you through 5 simple and clear steps prompting you to journal about and then I give you action steps as guidance on how to shape your environment to thrive in business and become visible confidently.

It's time to journal

Find Your Brand Values Journal

You want to build a business your ideal clients fall in love with and trust.

And at the same time,  you want to feel at home in every aspect of it, which is why one of your first and fundamental activities includes finding your core values that underlie everything you do. 

This free journal will help you find and articulate your core values.