Audit & Elevate

FREE Brand Audit for Coaches

As a passionate coach who lives her purpose and teaches her clients to do likewise, you want to elevate your coaching brand to the quality of service you provide.

This free brand audit will help you ask all the essential questions about your brand to discover its strengths and weaknesses. Then, you’ll be able to build on what already works and to adjust what doesn’t.  

Do these sound familiar?

  • You became a coach, finally living your purpose and feeling in love with your work, but realised that you need to know a lot more to actually get clients
  • You started following the advice of various business coaches, marketing and social media gurus, etc. and managed to put together a brand for yourself but it doesn’t seem to attract your ideal clients
  • You’re feeling confused because there is so much contradictory information out there about how to create a personal brand
  • You don’t know how to evaluate what works for your brand and what doesn’t 
  • You are wondering whether there are some new elements that you could integrate into your existing workflow 
  • You know you have a powerful and inspiring story but you don’t know how to articulate it properly
  • You need a different way to look at branding to really understand it
  • You need a simple and clear a structure you can use to build your authority in your niche 

I've got you!

The purpose of this audit is to make your life easier! My mantra is: simplify and make it easy for yourself

Business is anything but simple or easy. Which doesn’t mean that we cannot purposefully simplify the processes we use in our business. We need to be really clever about how we approach our branding, so that we use the most adequate tools to create momentum, maintain it, and measure it correctly as we proceed. And this is where the Brand Audit comes into its own. 

This audit, part of the Széri Guides, will provide you with the most important information you need to elevate your brand.

I decided to approach the topic through the story arc of the interactions between your ideal clients and your brand, the Brand Story Framework™


  • Your Story – master your story and you’ll create a massive impact
  • Client Story – know their needs and desires to serve them powerfully
  • Story Entry – provide value to your audience so they get to know you better
  • Story Fusion – provide exactly what you promised to deliver
  • Story Exit – nurture your clients so they return and send others to you too

What you'll get

A 31-page fillable PDF document

The Brand Story Framework™ to help you conceptualise your brand story in a creative and novel way

All the essential questions you need to ask to reveal what works and what doesn’t

Checklist at the end of each of the 5 sections, helping you see clearly what you already have in place and what might be missing

Action tips at the end of each section

A prompt to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your brand

SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis

A down-to-earth immediate, mid-term, and long-term action plan that you’ll base on your findings


Why listen to me?

Hi, I'm Noémi​

I am a holistic business coach for female coaches & healers like you.

After 15 years of teaching business communication and processes predominantly in corporate settings, I decided to pursue my passion: helping women become powerful in their personal & professional lives. 

Building a brand that feels authentic and gives you the financial stability you long for is one of the most empowering aspects of life.

Once I became a coach, I realised just how unnecessarily confusing the business world can be for coaches. So, I doubled down to learn everything I could about branding and building a profitable business, and now I’m ready to share it all with you!

P.S. I’m also a clinical hypnotherapist & confidence coach.

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This is for you if

You want to put in the work to answer the questions honestly and then to take action based on your findings

You are just starting out or you feel that the brand that you created isn’t working well for you

You have never done a brand audit and want to prioritise that work now to take your brand to the next level

You are eager to look at things from new angles and to take action consistently

This isn't for you if

You don’t have the time to prioritise this work right now

You have a brand that works really well for you and you aren’t interested in making any adjustments

You prefer working through branding questions with a coach (If that is the case, get in touch to discuss your personal needs.)