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It's okay to be
"too much"!

Even in business. You know what? Especially in business!

Authentic Visibility Comes from Feeling Alive

& it can be learned.

I felt so alone, so confused, so bored, so stressed in business. 

Until I decided to do it my own way. Meaning, I needed to learn what “my own way” actually looked like, practice it, and apply it.

Feeling alive also means that we make mistakes. Ask me how I know it…

We are sometimes too much, sometimes too little / not enough, and everything in between. Except this time, there’s a great deal of self-awareness, intentionality, and practicing what we want to excel at.


I’ve leant that behind chronic visibility fears there’s trauma. It’s a disconnection from our authenticity and agency. 

It limits how we show up, whether we show up, and there’s a lot of anxiety. That was my story, and the therapy I practice in a hypnotic state helped me uncover what was behind my behaviour and change it. 

This is where all my packages start, because otherwise we just cover things up, that’s never going to be sustainable. 

My mission is to help multi-passionate business owners like you learn to be loud, boisterous, extravagant, and quirky without feeling embarrassed or guilty afterwards.


I love cats! They’re free, independent, and you know immediately if they don’t give a f*ck. There’s an element of catness in all of us, and I love to bring it out in my clients.

Coaching brings the body in big time. Do you know what you communicate with your body? Is it in alignment with the words you’re saying? This is where visibility fears come out most prominently. You might be present but invisible. 

It’s bloody painful! 

Having done my trauma work, I was able to show up. Except I still did it as a people pleaser because I was afraid of showing my authenticity. What if “I say something wrong?” “What if they decide not to work with me if I show up as myself?” Guess what! They don’t work with you exactly because you’re holding back. And we’ll change that!

Professional Bio

I’m currently doing a course in embodiment coaching with Mark Walsh and Embodiment Unlimited team. 

I’m a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist, I trained with Marisa Peer.

I have a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature.

I’ve worked as teacher for adults, then in the corporate world, until I fell in love with therapy and coaching. 

I’ve lived in several European countries and speak a few languages, albeit not very well. 

I had a wonderful experience during my RTT session with Noemi. She is kind, a very good listener and understood my challenges very quickly.

The hypnosis experience was great. She took me back to times in my life causing the anxiety and stress and helped me release a lot of tensions and heaviness in my chest.

After the session, I felt extremely relaxed and the heaviness in my chest was completely gone.I listened to the recording on a daily basis, it helped me a lot to keep the good benefits from the session (especially during the lockdown period).

Since the session, I haven’t felt stress or anxiety. I am a lot more focused at work and can achieve more than before.

I cannot thank her enough for the precious help! 

Stephanie, Portugal