I stand for loving, mature relationships that I believe benefit us personally, our families, and our communities.

My mission is to help you build and maintain such a relationship.

My path

I’ve known my husband for a little under 20 years now.

Our relationship wasn’t always easy. Like many others, I didn’t have the best mentors and I learned relating to my partner by trial and error, all the while dealing with low self-esteem, social anxiety, developmental trauma, and a disorganized attachment style. 

It wasn’t until I found hypnotherapy and evidence-based daily self-development practices that I was able to heal the relational wounds of the past and build a present where I can connect authentically and love deeply, without burning myself out or falling into people pleasing tendencies. 

Once I integrated embodied practices as part of my embodiment training, my life and relationship started to deepen and mature even more, because I am now able calm myself down (regulate my nervous system) in various stressful situations where I used to want to run away or wage war on my partner in my mind. 

I believe this transformation is available to everyone, and whilst there’s no one size fit all, healing at the subconscious level, and bringing the body into the conversation are key. 

I look forward to supporting your relationship journey. 

Professional Bio

I’m a certified embodiment coach. I studied with Mark Walsh and Embodiment Unlimited team. 

I’m a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist, I trained with Marisa Peer.

I worked as teacher for adults, then in the corporate world, until I fell in love with therapy and coaching. 

I’ve lived in several European countries and speak a few languages, albeit not very well. 

I work with clients in English, Hungarian, and Romanian.