H.E.A.L. & G.R.O.W.

Hi, I'm Noémi

anxiety therapist / biz visibility coach

I’ll accompany you on your self-healing journey and on creating a profitable business through a holistic and deeply transformational approach. 


Teacher to Therapist

I’ve always been fascinated by people and human behaviour and I love discovering how we make sense of our internal and external worlds.  

My love of people took me to the world of teaching. I became an English language teacher, working predominantly with young professionals in corporate settings all over Europe. 

Whilst it was enjoyable, I often felt that being able to connect at a deeper level with people was where my true strength lay.

The trauma & anxiety I went through

Although I lived in many beautiful places, met some amazing people, and I learned different languages, I never felt truly alive. Fear dominated my every action.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was living with emotional trauma and struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem. I was merely coping.

I didn’t like myself and I didn’t take care of myself either, which culminated in emergency spinal surgery, followed by excruciating physical pain.

A year and a half after my operation, I was told that it was unlikely for me to heal. That was the deepest point in my life. I never felt so lonely. Pain — whether emotional of physical — makes us feel alone in the world, even when we’re surrounded by people who genuinely love us.

This is how I conquered anxiety

I recognised that I needed a new direction. I decided to become a clinical hypnotherapist. The course and practice allowed me to go through a deep and permanent emotional transformation at the subconscious level. 

I started a life-changing H.E.A.L.ing journey that I follow to this day. I also updated my thoughts and eliminated all the outdated and outmoded beliefs created as a child or passed down to me.

Finally, I was free from depression, anxiety and emotional pain. The physical pain was also reduced, both the frequency and the intensity.

And became a therapist

Over the last two years, I’ve had the privilege of helping clients from all over the world go through the same healing journey. Facilitating healing childhood wounding, not enough-ness, neglect, and abuse beneath the anxiety and depression they were battling.

The path that led me here might not have been easy or painless, but it made the transformation I facilitate even more powerful because I don’t only understand what my clients are going through, I felt it myself.



I came home to myself with compassion and curiosity; this included my body, my emotions, and my mental activities. I saw and embraced the wounded inner child that needed me.



I went from the extremes of feeling happy or depressed to recognising an array of emotions in myself. By nurturing them, I enriched my life, built capacity and emotional resilience.



I accepted all that I am, which changed my self-talk. I replaced the critical and harsh words with the compassionate and encouraging words of a loving parent. And I prioritise self-care every day.



And finally, I started to love myself: every single part of who I am and who I can become. Now, I make mistakes and recognise my flaws without feeling threatened or stressed. Fear was replaced with love.


Whilst therapy deals with the past, coaching is forward-looking, it is all about what you want to achieve and where you want to go. And for that you need self-confidence, a clear vision, discipline, and a mindset that drives you forward.

So I delved into how I can support my clients not only to heal their past but map out an extraordinary future as well.

I also changed the way I think

Carol Dweck’s work on Mindset had a particularly great impact on my thinking. I recognised how our mindset — our thinking and the way we conceptualise the world — affects our success in life. I had thought I was stupid because I’m dyslexic, and I thought most things I really wanted were out of reach, so I often didn’t even try.

And this is sadly a story many people share, whether neurodiverse or not, we often weren’t empowered to believe in ourselves or to adopt a solution-oriented approach to life.

So I started researching self-confidence and how we can build and nurture it.

The story behind my tagline

I went through the H.E.A.L.-ing process again, with a focus on self-worth, where all self-confidence work starts. All my life, I had felt insignificant and powerless. And this is where my tagline comes in “From Potential to Power. Together.” 

As a child and teenager, I saw a huge number of disempowered women, to the extent that I hated being a woman. I felt ashamed of it, and I was unable to embrace my femininity. I felt disempowered by my sex and by my cognitive abilities. 

But now, I was ready to change all of these thought patterns, and I did that through the G.R.O.W. part of my framework.

Achieving self-empowerment

I believe that everyone is phenomenally powerful. Even if you were deprived from feeling or experiencing your personal power, you can learn embrace your power as an adult. 

Feeling powerful and building an extraordinary life of success on your terms is within your reach and it starts with self-empowerment. Both my therapy & coaching practices take my clients from feeling disempowered in some are of their lives to feeling empowered and motivated for action.

My mission is to help women embody their personal power and use it to benefit their own lives and that of their communities!



I grounded myself in my signature strengths, my values, and my vision, rather than letting myself be swept around by current trends or the needs and wants of people around me.



Healing doesn’t change the external world; it changes the way we perceive ourselves within it. I developed resilience by believing in my power to walk any terrain and to face any challenge successfully.



Trauma had denied me an unclouded vision of the future. Having healed myself, I am now able to pursue my passion, and fully invest myself in the projects that help materialise the work I want to share with the world.



This is the domain of self-actualisation. I healed the social anxiety that had been holding me back and making me feel alone. I am forging deeper connections with my environment and communities.

Holistic Business Coaching

Having completed a year long course on how to set up a business and manage it properly that included everything from accounting, legal studies, market research, to marketing, I should have been fully prepared for the entrepreneurial world. Except I wasn’t.

Business strategy wasn't enough to start

This is when I realised that focussing on strategy alone isn’t enough. Nor is strategy and mindset work. It just doesn’t go deep enough. So, I doubled down again, learned everything I needed about business and continued my inner healing, which included: money mindset, imposter syndrome, entrepreneurial mindset, sales.

Showing up with passion

I eliminated the traumas that were holding me back from proceeding with my business and from embodying the businesswoman part of me. And that changed the way I showed up and more importantly allowed me to show up regularly and with the passion I feel.

And I started seeing the changes I had been hoping for.

A holistic approach leads to success

This is why I believe that you need a combination of  trauma-oriented therapy work, mindset work, and business strategy in order to build a sustainable business that nurtures you.

I now help coaches and healers who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey or struggling with taking off build a brand they love and attract their ideal clients. 

Essentially, I take you throw my H.E.A.L. & G.R.O.W. framework with a focus on your business success.

A few fun things about me


Languages I speak

Hungarian, Romanian, English, Spanish, French, Dutch 


When I feel sad

I usually cry, then I watch Kung Fu Panda 1-2-3


Places I lived in

Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, U.K., Spain, Belgium


My favourite book

The Brain that Changes Itself  by Norman Doidge


Professional Bio

I have a master’s degree in English language and literature. My teaching studies also included developmental and group psychology. During this work I was responsible for the creation of bespoke curriculum to best suit my individual clients’ needs, I used this know-how to put together my courses.

I am a certified RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapist) clinical hypnotherapist . I trained with world-renowned therapist, author, and speaker, Marisa Peer. 

I have been self-employed most of my life, so I know what it takes to be a self-starter in many different environments. I also worked in the corporate world for a short while, which increased my knowledge in customer service and best business practices.  


Holistic Approach

I had tried therapy, mindset work, all sorts of strategies and none helped on their own because part of what I needed to heal and grow was missing. But having integrated subconscious work, deep mindset work with tested and tried strategies I was able to create the life I wanted and help my clients do the same.

I’m here to encourage you to believe in your healing and growth and to take the step to make it happen. 

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I had a wonderful experience during my RTT session with Noemi. She is kind, a very good listener and understood my challenges very quickly.

The hypnosis experience was great. She took me back to times in my life causing the anxiety and stress and helped me release a lot of tensions and heaviness in my chest.

After the session, I felt extremely relaxed and the heaviness in my chest was completely gone.I listened to the recording on a daily basis, it helped me a lot to keep the good benefits from the session (especially during the lockdown period).

Since the session, I haven’t felt stress or anxiety. I am a lot more focused at work and can achieve more than before.

I cannot thank her enough for the precious help! 

Stephanie, Portugal