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Identify and Align Your Personal Values with Business Values When you start a Coaching / Healing Business

Values are what make us do things or refuse to do them. It’s the motivating force behind our actions, which is why it’s important to know and be able to articulate what your core values are. Many of my clients felt stuck and were unable to move forward because they didn’t know that a core value was in conflict with what they thought they needed to do to market their services. But once we clarify these values, what we are happy to do or not becomes clear as daylight, and we also start to see other options to move forward.

We don’t have to be perfect, just engaged and committed to aligning values with actions.

Brené Brown

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, especially for new coaches and healers who have never been immersed in the entrepreneurial world.

To create a successful coaching and healing business, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your core values and to align your business values with your personal values. Not only will this help you build a more authentic and meaningful brand, but it will also help you attract clients who share your values.

Here are some key values that are important to consider when starting a coaching and healing business:

1. Personal Growth and Development

Personal growth and development are essential to the coaching and healing process. As a coach or healer, you are responsible for helping your clients grow and develop in various aspects of their lives. It is important to prioritize personal growth and development in your business values, and to lead by example by continuing to learn and develop yourself.

2. Professionalism and Ethics

Professionalism and ethics are crucial to building a successful coaching and healing business. Clients need to feel that they can trust and rely on you, and this trust is built through professionalism and ethical behaviour.

3. Connection and Relationships

Connection and relationships are at the heart of coaching and healing. As a coach or healer, you need to build strong connections and relationships with your clients in order to help them achieve their goals. It is important to prioritize these values in your business to create a welcoming and supportive environment for your clients.

4. Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are essential to staying competitive in the coaching and healing industry. Your business values need to prioritize creativity and innovation to ensure that you are continually improving your services and offerings.

5. Authenticity and Values

Authenticity and values are key to creating a meaningful and authentic brand. If you wish to create an authentic and transparent brand that clients can trust and you feel at home in, you’ll want to align your personal values with your business values, so that you don’t find yourself working out of integrity.

This is such an important point when deciding whether your reluctance of doing something is fear-based or ethical in nature. When you feel icky about sales or marketing, you can take a piece of paper and jot down the values that underly those actions. If you feel that your core values are compromised, see if you can find a different way to market your services. There’s always another way!

6. Personal Well-being

Personal well-being is important for all aspects of life, including running a successful business. Your business values should prioritize personal well-being to ensure that you are taking care of yourself and your clients.

Stress and anxiety are increasingly present in our everyday life. Whilst there are a lot of societal issues that contribute and enable stress, it’s also a matter of lifestyle choices. As a coach or healer, you want to create patterns that nourish you and your business. You’ll come across as a more trustworthy professional if you practice what you preach.

7. Growth and Progress

Growth and progress are essential to the coaching and healing process. When your business values prioritize these principles, they ensure that you are helping your clients achieve their goals and make progress towards personal growth and development.

8. . Learning and Education

Learning and education are crucial to staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices. Prioritising them helps you provide the highest quality services to your clients.

Coaches and healers are generally people who like to learn and deepen their knowledge, so chances are that you’re bringing this value with you whether you’re emphasizing it in your business or not.

It’s also important to point out how you relate to learning and how to avoid getting caught in learning cycles that provide knowledge in a wide variety of subjects to the expense of gaining deep knowledge in one field. This often happens with coaches who get stuck in “I’m not ready yet” cycle.

9. Spirituality and Mindfulness

Spirituality and mindfulness are important aspects of the coaching and healing process. Through them, you’ll be able to create a welcoming and supportive environment for clients who value these aspects of personal growth and development.

10. Social Responsibility and Justice

Social responsibility and justice are important values to consider when starting a coaching and healing business. Making a positive impact on your local community means that you’ll be consciously creating relationships with people, which can help you grow as a leader and foster a sense of belonging.

Identifying and aligning your personal values with your business values is essential for creating a successful coaching and healing business.

By prioritizing these key values, you can create an authentic and meaningful brand that attracts clients who share your values. Take the time to reflect on your personal values and how they align with your business values to create a brand that is truly authentic and meaningful.

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