Relationship Therapy & Coaching

Heal from toxic relationships.

Overcome people pleasing patterns and show up authentically in your relationships.

I love how she helps you to get to the point while empowering you to continue to listen to your body’s messages in a way that feels natural and safe. I come away from our meetings feeling more aligned, clearer in my next steps and with more trust in my process.
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Herbalist & Life Coach

This is how you can work with me

A 90-minute single hypnotherapy session (you may purchase more after our first session) in which we can explore where an issue started, and eliminate negative self-beliefs the issue caused.

Price: £120

A bundle of five or ten embodiment-mindset coaching sessions in which we explore your current beliefs, and patterns and choose practices that lead to relational growth. 

Price: £500/5 sessions, £900/10 sessions

I had a RTT session with the wonderful Noemi to uncover the cause of trust issues & anxiety in my personal relationships.

While in hypnosis Noemi guided me to the root cause of why I have developed trust issues which causes me a great deal of anxiety. She helped clear the negative beliefs which felt extremely freeing.

After the session I immediately felt lighter & happier. I really did feel as though a lot of past hurt had been released.

Adelle, Australia

Hi, I'm Noémi

I’ve been in a loving and gradually maturing relationship with my best friend and husband for close to twenty years. It’s been a wonderful privilege to share life with him and to grow both individually and as a couple. 

We’ve had numerous challenges we needed to face, and still do, such as moving countries, financial uncertainty, my spinal surgery followed by depression and years of physical challengesto name a few

I bring this wealth of experience, and my studies as an embodiment coach and clinical hypnotherapist to my sessions. 

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H.E.A.L. & G.R.O.W.

This is my framework and the guiding principles I use in my work.


We’ll use these principles & tools to make you feel safe and strong.

Homecoming & Embodiment focuses on the body and the embodied emotions. We look at your relationship with your body, how you perceive yourself and your ability to listen to the signals your body gives you. The emotions become your best friends and act as an inner compass.

Once you feel confident at this level, we move on to Acceptance & Love: both self-acceptance, self-love, and the acceptance & love of others, of circumstances. Instead of fighting it, or looking at the world as a threatening place, you perceive it as a terrain you can navigate successfully with the resilience you build up and the growth mindset you embrace. 

These steps are fundamental if you want to thrive in life. Being on guard, unable to listen to your intuitions, being afraid of emotions, not loving or accepting yourself and life are keeping you back, which you can change. I invite you to swap it with a life of compassion, love and resilience inherent in you.


G.R.O.W. is designed to successfully engage in your path of self-actualisation. 

In Grounding, we focus on grounding you in your values that are linked to your purpose or ikigai. Giving you certainty and passion, that unblocks you and carries you forward.

Resilience helps you understand that the world is unpredictable, often dangerous, challenging, but having anchored yourself in your values and your passion, in who you really are, you are powerful enough to walk any terrain. You will use the challenges to improve your skills, to become even better and stronger.

Your Objective also anchors you and your projects. We focus on your vision & on the steps you need to take to make it into reality. 

Wisdom is the domain of self-transcendence, a deeper connection with your environment, others, the world around you. We look at ways you can contribute, how you can give back. This stage also contains awe, flow, and moments of truly being present. 

Noemi, truly handed me the Magic Wand for what I needed. She helped me to not only see and understand causes and reasons of things, but also made me feel better overall about me. 

She made me look inside and Understand, until I genuinely got it. I appreciate that more than words can express. 

She was so patient with me, and it felt like I was safe to just be myself and open up. I have to say, that’s always been a very difficult thing for me. I believe with all of my being that I was guided to her, and I feel like this is definitely a path that she was meant to follow, as she has a gift. 

I would 100% recommend her, and I’m happy for all of the others that will be lucky enough to find her too.

Marlena, USA