Client Love

“Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.” 

Dalai Lama


I feel absolutely free.


I am growing stronger and stronger.


Limiting beliefs disappeared instantly.


the entrepreneur


I just want to express my gratitude for having this session with you, Noémi.

If anyone is looking for a hypnotherapist that is benevolent, caring and knows how to hold space and tailor the session 100% to your needs, Noemi is your girl!

Not only that… Noémi was able to guide me through a session during which I could consciously shift 4 events that happened in my childhood and that were blocking my business journey.
Thanks to Noémi, I could access a deeper levels, gain a new level of awareness and many more levels unconsciously. I could indeed feel a lot of things shift in my energy and in my body as well. That’s to say how powerful her work is!

Within 2 hours after our session, I witnessed shifts and “concrete” results of our session, things unfolding magically and getting unlocked. Other shifts followed in the next days. I’m still amazed!
Healing happens by layers and thanks to Noémi, I could peel layers that I hadn’t reached before and this is definitely helping my business (and also my relationships!)

This was possible because of the way Noémi masters her techniques, and also because of who she is as a human being and as a therapist – that’s a natural gift for her to help others and to actively listen in a non-judgmental and benevolent way.

I recommend anyone to reach out to Noémi if you’ve been wanting to accelerate your journey and unlock more of your potential.

Thank you very much Noémi, you’re amazing at what you do and I’m blessed we crossed paths! ❤




I had a session with Noemi to help me understand why I felt the need to work so HARD to succeed. I was burning myself out and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 

My session with Noemi was so relaxing and insightful, she made me feel safe and in control throughout the whole process, and her voice soothed and guided me to some incredible revelations! 

I was amazed when I went back to a belief that I had been running with since the age of 3! I had spent 37 years believing I had to be available during my waking hours, and obliged to help whenever asked. 

Within 2 days of my session I had created healthy boundaries in my business, I no longer felt compelled to reply to messages at 10pm at night. I’ve freed up time for myself, and I no longer feel guilty about taking time off to look after myself! 

In the first few days after my session my level of enquires increased and I doubled my income on the previous month! 

Thank you so much Noemi for your skill and guidance. You have resolved my need to overwork, and I feel so much more relaxed and happier.




I asked Noemi to help me with confidence as a therapist. I explained to her that I lacked the confidence to practice on people or to put myself out there and let others know what I do. 

During the session, I was able to see that there were experiences in my childhood that contributed to this issue and Noemi helped me to see this. 

I felt completely comfortable with her. Her voice was so calming and soothing. I fell into a deep relaxation. 

I love the recording because again, it is soothing and reassuring. The recording and the session have allowed me to have more confidence in myself. I now believe that I do not have to be perfect and I have more of a growth mindset now. 

I am actually reaching out and practicing more with other RTT students and I am very excited about practicing my skills. 

I would not have had this right now if I had not worked with Noemi. She is a very skilled therapist. I highly recommend her.

Reality over projections

As a new entrepreneur, I am always very interested in finding tools, methods, books, modalities and people who can help me get to the next level in my business. 

Indeed, I am aware that I have some blind spots and limiting beliefs that might hold me back from the level of success I want to achieve. One of these blocks was that part of me doubted that people would take me as seriously as I wished when talking about my services. 

I gave this a lot of thought, and being an analytical person, I tried to figure out where this came from in order to eliminate it. One of my hypotheses was that I was experiencing the « imposteur syndrome », coming from a highly competitive university in which every student seemed to be smarter and more motivated than I was. 

However, this understanding didn’t really help in alleviating the doubts I had. I therefore decided to work on that topic with Noémi through RTT. 

During the 2 hour session, she went back to the root and reason of those limiting beliefs and self-image. After some very clairvoyant detective work, Noémi was able to dig up the root cause as well as install some very powerful reframes. What is more, through skill and perseverance, she was able to show me how my doubts were just me projecting unrealistic scenarios about what other people might think

The moment she did that, those limiting beliefs disappeared instantly, and I was left with a very peaceful and joyful feeling. 

After the session, I now actually look forward to talking to people about what I do, with the unshakable confidence I was looking for. 

Noémi was exactly the person I needed, as I tend to analyse every information I get before accepting it. She was able to tackle my doubts, and show me that my thought process was biased. Most importantly, she allowed me to get the confidence I was looking for!

It will be easy and beautiful to start over.


Hello new me!


I felt I found real me again.


Worthy of success

Noemi gave me an RTT session focusing on my belief that success is not for me and that I cannot consistently work towards my own success because of this feeling of not being capable.

At the start of the session Noemi took the time to clarify some things and get to the core of what I wanted to work on.

The hypnosis session itself was a very healing, clarifying and liberating experience for me. Noemi her calm voice guided me through some painful scenes, making me feel safe and capable of looking at the scenes without reliving them.

The session ended with the audio she also recorded for me and which I have listened to every day since. The recording is just amazing, and shows me how well Noemi understood what I needed to hear in order to start believing that I too, am capable of success.

The great thing is I have already started to see these shifts happening after a few weeks, I am being much more consistent and feel from the inside out that things are working out for me and success is inevitable for me.

An absolutely great experience I am very grateful for, and I would highly recommend Noemi, for she will expertly guide you through this whole process like she did for me. Thank you Noemi!!

Embracing independence with trust

I had a very pleasing session with Noemi.

I felt like she was able to understand me right away.  She was very professional and highly engaged with my concerns.

Now that some time has passed since our session, I can say that it truly helped me pursue my independence and trust in life as well myself. I feel free and light hearted.

Thanks to our session I’ve understood patterns that were negatively affecting me which I have been successfully able to leave behind me.

I would definitely recommend Noèmi as a therapist. 



worthy of financial abundance

Regarding my RTT session with Noemi I have found her to be very professional and I instantly felt a sense of connection and trust in her. 

I found that she was easily able to help me to sort out my ” magic wand wish” and that she had recognised some contradiction in what I was saying and brought this to my attention. 

I thought that she was very accomplished when she was carrying out the session and I could easily find scenes to look at. 

Overall she has been a wonderful RTT therapist and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.



Social Media ease

I came to see Noemi for help with a fear of social media. I know it sounds dramatic, but I hated using social media, and this was having a huge impact on marketing my business.

Noemi was encouraging and reassuring throughout the session. She took the time to really understand what I wanted to work on, and took me back to memories that helped me understand why I felt vulnerable being seen on social media.

As Noemi says, ‘understanding is power’ and once she had helped me understand where my beliefs came from, we were able to release them.

At the end of the session, Noemi gave me a personalised recording which included everything I needed to hear to ensure the transformation in the session was permanent. Noemi explained that the mind learns by repetition and I needed to listen to my recording as often as possible, and at least once a day.

I love listening to my recording so it hasn’t been a problem finding the time. I especially love the impact the session and recording has had on my life. I am happily building a social media following and enjoying using social media in both my professional and personal life.

I am free from any feelings of vulnerability or being judged both online and in person. I cannot recommend Noemi enough! She is an incredible therapist.

If anything in your life isn’t exactly how you want it to be, contact Noemi! She’ll definitely be able to help.



Becoming an entrepreneur

I feel there has been a major breakthrough and a releasing – I can’t thank you enough, I feel very different, as if there is something new for me now.

You have a beautiful, lilting voice that is very soothing and hypnotic to listen to and this helped greatly in helping me to deeply relax. I liked some of your own techniques too, this made the session seem fresh and original and unique for me on a personal level.



Finding the right career

Noemi is a multilingual and multi-passionate entrepreneur and individual whose experience spans language teaching, through therapy, to business mentoring.

I did a three-month virtual program with her on the topic of life purpose and career orientation. We met every Friday for an hour or so to discuss my progress. She provided accountability and strategic steps.

She’s a highly responsible and patient coach, who has helped me see the hidden problems in the way I approached my career and guided me to have better knowledge of myself and what I want to do in life. This made it possible for me to make better career choices and embrace a meditative life as well as share it with others confidently.

Using her knowledge of psychology and human potential, she helped me create a more satisfying life. In the past, I used to be unsure about what I wanted so I tried different professions and it was very stressful to be so confused. With her guidance, I now know exactly what I want and how to get there.

I felt that I was in good hands because she thoroughly researched every issue we talked about and was able to give me actionable advice, which we then discussed and evaluated in the following session. She also highlighted the potential pitfalls, so as not to make a rash decision or one based on mere assumptions.

Because of our work together, I found a job I enjoy as well as continue developing my passion for meditation. I was even able to share my knowledge with my colleagues by giving them a highly transformative group meditation session. Something I never had the confidence to do before.

Noemi coached and mentored me with compassion and care, which I admire about her. One of my favourite quotes by the 14th Dalai Lama is “True change is within; leave the outside as it is.” 

She facilitated a permanent transformation in me which is now the foundation of my life’s purpose. I’m forever grateful for her presence in my life and her help at a time when I felt lost and stressed in life. I highly recommend her.



Clarity, Growth, Focus


I was very fortunate today to receive a RTT session from Noemi. The session was incredibly, profoundly, significant for me. 

I had a long standing issue that I did not know how to approach. Noemi gently, very professionally and caringly honed in on the underlying aspects, and removed all the different layers, she supported me so that I was able to look at and process the underlying root causes. This was a transformational, simply grand, reveal. 

The pieces of the puzzle came together almost effortlessly under her expert guidance. It will be easy and beautiful now to start over, with a fresh new understanding of my previous limitations. 

Because of this session I got the clarity that I have been wanting for, and that enables me now to go forward with confidence. I feel deeply understood and simultaneously empowered by Noemi. 

The personalized audio she made for me is beautiful, perfectly targeted, effective and actually deeply moving. It is lovely to listen to and imbibe the message. I truly highly recommend a session with her, the efficacy is astounding. Noemi’s intuitive ability to read the issues at hand is deeply liberating and exciting.



Being heard

Thank you Noemi for making me feel heard and holding space for me so I can really get in tune with my memories and feelings attached to them.

The whole session felt so safe and full of understanding. I appreciate not being rushed or judged, and the feeling that you guided me to safely explore the limitations I had created for myself and by myself.

The lightness that came from understanding my old patterns and detaching from them is beautiful.

I love the recording you made for me, and especially how its effects trickle to my general attitudes and not just the issue we covered. Hello new me!


My session with Noemi, and the personalised recording I listened to following our session, has had a profoundly positive effect on my life. She helped me understand how events of my past were blocking myself to grow and to achieve my goals.

Many other memories came out at the week after our session that helped me to understand the root cause of my insecure feelings.  I’ve felt released from past lack of confidence and “not enough” feelings since then.  I also have been able to do my visualisation much more often and clear. 

I’m feeling more empowered than ever before. Thanks Noemi!

Finding oneself & Finding Focus

After a certain unlucky period in my life, I felt lost, without focus and with extremely low self-esteem. 

Days were passing next to me, I was just watching them go by, I could not find joy in anything I had previously loved doing. I did not have job, and even worse, I did not have any idea of what I would like to do. Somewhere on the way and with the course of time, I lost myself. 

Then Noemi came (back) to my life, and I thank her for that. After only one session, I felt significantly better. She guided me through past events and we broke those patterns that were hidden somewhere deep inside me and were the actual cause of my state. 

It was a very enjoyable and pleasant experience, although very emotional, too. This introspection brought out events buried under layers of suppression. 

Immediately I felt invigorated and happy again. I felt I found real me again, a person forgotten somewhere in dungeons of sub consciousness. First time after many months I fell asleep relaxed and relieved. And that after only one session, amazing. 

Noemi is highly intuitive and gentle, patient and calm. She is a soft guide through the transformation, helping you to help yourself with her support. One can rely on her fully, knowing that she will catch you if you fall, so to say. 

Noemi is a fantastic listener, warm and open to everything that may come up. I am tremendously grateful for this marvellous experience and look forward to the next session. Thank you, Noemi!



Anxiety-free life

Feeling safe again

I saw Noemi for anxiety I was struggling with at the time. She was very thorough when asking me about the anxiety and how it manifested and she was such a great listener when I described how I felt.

Noemi’s RTT session was also really, really good. She has such a lovely, soothing voice, let the whole session really well and was able to help ground me particularly when a confronting memory came up for me and I was struggling to stay in it.

Her recording was amazing and was everything I needed to hear. Before the session, I would find myself checking all of the rooms each night, makes sure that there was no one hidden inside. Now I don’t even think about checking. I highly recommend her.

Building emotional robustness

I was feeling a little anxious and nervous about my session however Noemi made me feel instantly comfortable relaxed and at ease. Noemi has a caring and empathetic way about her. Her voice is so calming and caring I was able to easily access scenes from my past and Noemi carried the session with such grace flow and ease she took her time and I felt a connection with her during the session.

I felt an instant relief as if a huge weight had been lifted from me I was able to release so much hurt and pain from my past and I felt so much lighter.

I have not felt anxious at all since my session it almost seems as this has completely disappeared and I am finding everyday I am growing stronger and stronger every day emotionally.

Noemi’s voice is extremely soothing and caring and her methods are so professional and empathetic she has a caring manner and this is felt during the session from beginning to end. I would highly recommend Noemi and I have referred my type1 diabetic daughter to Noemi for her to help assist my daughter with her illness. Noemi also sent me an email with post exercises to do which would also help me with my anxiety and help me become the best version of myself.

Noemi’s recording is personalized beautiful and soothing I listen every night and it also helps me sleep.

It has been almost three weeks since my session with Noemi and I have been listening the recording Noemi sent to me every night. I have since felt more confidence and empowered my body has been continuously releasing all the pent-up toxins in my body (stomach) due to stress and anxiety. 

I feel I am beginning to believe and trust in myself and one of the triggers of my anxiety is to scratch my head and face which I am more aware of this and I am noticing I am doing this less and less and when I become aware of it I have simply been saying to myself ” I no longer need to scratch I am safe and protected. I am feeling a sense of inner peace and feel I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

Inner strenth

I had an amazing session with Noemi who is so professional and an understanding therapist. 

I was struggling with past memories and seek the reason of what was holding me back to have an amazing life. Applying certain techniques Noemi took back to find out the root cause of that issue and I was able to release painful memory and emotion. 

I feel absolutely free. Since my life changed and I throw out of my life every negative people and things that were affecting my happiness. Noemi gave back my power to say NO and also say Yes to my voice and take over the control of my life instead of letting that to someone else. Thank you so much, you Noemi you truly changed my life. I feel so powerful.



 the power to remember

I experienced the Hypnosis as very relaxing, Noemi brought me to a relaxed state really easily and gently.

Was feeling really stressed and scared about losing my ability to remember. After a short review Noemi made me feel secure about my own brain and the limitless ability’s it holds.

She did an amazing personalised recording especially for me, which I really enjoy listening to every day.

Thank you Noemi for making me remember again.


I had a RTT session with the wonderful Noemi to uncover the cause of trust issues & anxiety in my personal relationships.

While in hypnosis Noemi guided me to the root cause of why I have developed trust issues which causes me a great deal of anxiety. She helped clear the negative beliefs which felt extremely freeing.

After the session I immediately felt lighter & happier. I really did feel as though a lot of past hurt had been released.

Noemi has the most beautiful soothing voice & I felt absolutely no judgement from her when discussing my issues. I love listening to my recording every day & Noemi’s soothing voice helps me to relax into a state of hypnosis easily.

I find it very uplifting & I know with time my beliefs will be altered to what is relevant to the present day, not the emotional baggage I have been carrying around from the past.

Thank you so much Noemi. I am forever grateful. You are a wonderful Therapist. 

On time & Present

I worked with Noemi on my issue of constantly being late and stressed when going to appointments and events. 

Noemi was very professional and calm the whole time and I really felt she knew what she was doing which made me feel very safe. 

My session was quite long and detailed, but Noemi kept her focus the whole time which was very reassuring for me. 

The next day I was meeting a friend which usually meant the time of the meeting was flexible and I would be at least 10 minutes late. This time I started to get ready in time although I had a lot to do that day, I was very calm when getting ready, left on time and arrived on time. 

Maybe that does not sound very miraculous, but for someone who struggles with arriving on time her whole life it is! I would definitely recommend working with Noemi on resolving your issues!



Resources & Boundaries

When I decided to work with Noemi I was in place where I felt very disconnected with myself and what I wanted out of life.

With her impeccable guidance Noemi was able to help me get to the root of the problem and understand exactly where the blockage came from.

The session was a turning point in my life as it gave me the resources I needed to set boundaries and trust myself



Mind & Body

Hair & Confidence

I totally recommend Noemi as an RTT Therapist, she knows exactly how to identify the root cause of the issue, the old believes attached to it and immediately replace them with new and powerful ones.

I really felt she went “spot on” on what was behind my hair ” issue” …I have never felt so confident and powerful regarding my hair like now!

In harmony with food

Noemi provided a very gentle but persistent session. 

She guided me to the root of my eating disorder and having gained understanding over it, I can really move on now. 

Since the session I feel empowered and I want to thank Noemi for creating a safe space where I was able to open up and heal the wounds.



Consciencia Y Serenidad a la hora de comer

Noemi me ayudó a comprender el autosaboteo que tuve por muchos años con la comida, pude interpretar de donde venían.

Ahora soy una mujer más conaciente y serena a la hora de comer, escogiendo alimentos qur me hacen bien y en las cantidades correctas.

Tengo más libertad, paz y equilibrio mental.



Managing Type 1 Diabetes with ease

My mum referred me to Noémi to have an RTT session about my type 1 diabetes that I have had since I was 18 months old. 

Because diabetes is such a serious condition that I have dealt with for nearly my entire life I was a little doubtful as to whether or not the session would work on me. During the session Noèmi’s lovely demeanour eased any doubts I had and made me feel completely comfortable. 

The session brought up a lot for me and dealing with something so intense and being vulnerable can be very scary but I felt so reassured by Noèmi’s compassion that I was safe and felt free to release everything that came up. 

I listened to the recording Noèmi gave me for 30 days and am amazed by how much it has improved my diabetes, I went from being someone who completely ignored my diabetes and didn’t care about it at all because I thought it was too hard to manage, to truly believing that it’s easy to look after my health and seeing major improvements because of this new perception.



Embracing the healing power within

I had an amazing session with Noemi. I had a chronic cystitis and a bad habit related to this issue that I needed her help with. 

The session was quite intense, lot of very deep emotions has been brought up but she could manage to calm me down, made me relaxed and feel safe. We looked at the issue from various angles in order to find the root cause and the solution. 

She has deep understanding of the methods and she is very comfortable using them depending on the situation, so you feel that you are in safe and expert hands. Her expertise and caring personality helped me come to an understanding and feel better immediately.

The recording the gave after the session is a perfect length and content so it became to be habit of one to listen to it and of course, it helps to keep the results deepen and be permanent. I especially find her voice very pleasant to listen to. I especially like that she has addresses both the physical and the emotional sides of the problem in the recording.

I feel so much better after the session, my bad habit has been reduced significantly.

I am really grateful that she helped me making my life more comfortable and feel less anxious about my health



A turning point in my life.


Safe to just be myself and open up.


A lot more focussed at work.


Control over food choices

I came to Noemi with 2 main complaints one was confidence the other weight loss. After our initial chat we both agreed that weight loss was a good place to start-as I’m a visual person seeing the changes in weight will naturally boost my confidence. 

I found Noemi to be very understanding from the moment I contacted her. She was very ‘therapeutic’ in her approach from start to finish-calm, empathetic and nothing phased her, not even my million and one questions.

Her tone being very soothing and comforting. I felt very comfortable and confident that she knew what she was doing and fully understood me and how to address my issue. 

The session itself was very profound, I never thought there would be so much emotion attached to it but she helped me identify what the issues were and let it go.

She was very efficient and sent the recording within an hour of our session and It has now been a month since I’ve been listening to the recording and I have not felt like this before.

I feel lighter, less concerned/aware of my weight-confidence point of view-unapologetic for the way I look. I’m wearing clothes more confidently than I have done so before (I always wore loose fitting clothes and not dare wear a fitted dress or trousers). I generally feel a lot better in myself and making better food choices and having no regrets afterwards

I would highly recommend Noemi, I did have a few concerns before approaching her but ultimately she put my mind at ease and has helped me on my journey to changing my life and beliefs ‘literally’.  

I still have a long way to go, but I know I’m heading in the right direction. Thank you Noemi for helping me make a shift and starting this journey with a totally different mindset.